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And better yet this work opportunity is from your own home!

Are you looking for a work opportunity that could create prosperity and still be able to work from your own home? Or, from anywhere in the world?? I am very passionate about helping others find ways to stay home and work out of their own home. If you are a stay at home Mom, Business owner, Grandmother/father or even a new entrepreneur, there are many ways of creating prosperity and building an income right from your own home.

As a mother, I struggled leaving my children each day as I flew out the door to rush to my 8-5 job. I hated the idea of someone else raising my children. I felt it sort of went against what God would plan for me. It didn't seem right that I would have children and then pass them off to someone else to take care of. Now I know that is not the case with everyone. For me, I felt I was to be with them.

Maybe it isn't your desire to quit your job or maybe you are not looking for a full time job. The opportunity that I am presenting on this site is great for full, part-time, or just hobby work. If you have a hobby or something that you are very passionate about, you can share it with others and earn an income.

If you are a little nervous and wish you had the will and the faith to take the giant leap in your life, check out my Prosperity Store to jump start your courage.

1. Solo Build It There has never been a better time to start a business from home. One of the best ways is with the internet, making it a low cost high-potential return. With this company, SBI, you are able to take any niche, and turn it into a profitable business for around $30.00 a month. That is building a website, hosting the site and teaching you how to make it profitable! It's a great way to take your niche and turn it into many types of work opportunities! Many of the SBI owners, (website owners) are in the top 1% on the web. They teach you how to find one road to prosperity! Or in some cases many roads. Many of them have more than one site. ANYONE can sell on the internet! Learn how.

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They will give you endless suggestions. Even if you don't have a clue what you would do for a site. Here are just a few.

Solo Build It If you have a passion, Solo Build It can show you how to turn it into YOUR meaning of prosperity and make it soar!

Real estate marketing

If you would like some proof,this says it all!

Work From Home!

2. If you are a MOM and looking for an opportunity to stay at home with your children check out WHAM!

Solo Build It!