What is your backup plan

What is your backup plan? This is a note that I wrote for our community in 2012. I hope you enjoy it. What backup plan, or system will you use? Where will your faith be? Who and what are you trusting in?

Well it happened... What we all dread. My computer crashed. I knew it was on it's last leg but I had grown attached to this laptop and was going to take it for all it was worth. Luckily my husband had bought me another laptop a few months ago, but I just didn't feel like using it yet. My hands were comfortable with the one I was using. I knew all the programs, I knew where I kept everything, It was just comfortable. The inevitable happened, I was forced to use my new laptop. I was careful with all my pictures and have backed them all up. I had no idea how to back up my ipod as I have a ton of music on it. It only likes one computer so thank goodness for google, as I was able to find another program to download, or upload all my music to and then transferred it to itunes. Yeah! Now to move my bookwork. Amazingly enough I had that backed up.

I am getting to something here.... About a year ago, the Lord woke me up and said "I will shake the things that need to be shaken." At first I wasn't sure of what all he was talking about. Over the next several months he began to show me. He is shaking things in our lives, in our government, in our communities, and in all areas that need shaking. He is opening our eyes to who he really is.. Last fall he gave me the words, Farmers Almanac. I had no clue at the time what he was saying. Now several months later, it became very obvious. What a winter, What a spring!!! We are living in an amazing area. The Lord is blessing us even with the weather.

Have you recognized the Lord today? Have you said Hey Holy Spirit, I am glad you are with me today?? Now is the time to move forward with the Lord. What are you hoping for?

He knows.... and is waiting for you to ask.

"Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

What or who is your backup? Are you counting on your social security? Are you counting on the government? Are you counting on your savings account? Are you counting on your insurance company? We are so comfortable with the ways of the world, just as I was comfortable with my computer. God is opening our eyes to a new, but old system. It's HIS system. He will shake things until you begin to see more clear. Are you open to the new? or are you comfortable in the old? Don't wait until things crash. Use the reliable backup system.

Seek Ye FIRST the Kingdom and all of these things will be given unto you. WHO is your backup system........

Dear Lord,

We pray to put you first in our lives, to put you first in our community. Forgive us for not seeing what all you do. Yet, you love us, unconditionally. We thank you for your favor, your blessings, the amazing weather you have given this area. Lord, Let us continue to walk with you and be used as your vessels in this community. Open our eyes and hearts to all you have for us. Teach us who we are in you. Teach us that YOU are our backup system, not the world. When all other systems fail, you will always remain. Steadfast and true!
Thank you for your grace, your word, and your son Jesus Christ!

We continue to pray for all who are in need. We lift them to you Lord and put them in your hands.