What is Personal Development?

What is Personal Development?

What is personal development? Personal development is when you take 100% responsibility for your health, career, finances, relationships, emotions, habits, and spiritual beliefs; all the aspects that make up your life.

This is definitely easier to preach than it is to enact in your own life. We've become accustomed to blaming other things and people for our downfalls. It's become so easy to do that we may not even realize we're doing it.

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Personal development begins when you take a hard look at yourself, decide what kind of person you truly are (make any necessary changes), and then get your actions to meet that true person. The ultimate goal is to achieve outstanding effectiveness while maintaining inner balance between your thoughts, feelings, actions, and skills.

Putting in the Effort

Personal development is hard work and not an easy fix. However, once you take the first step the rest will fall into place. Your new developments will work for you to create the life you truly want. Perfection is not the goal, but personal development will help you to make hard changes in your life using such strategies as:

    • Truth – Live without denial

    • Love – Having the ability to connect with yourself and others

    • Authority – Take charge of your life and learn to make clear decisions

    • Courage – Summon your inner strength and use them to take action, even when you are afraid

    • Intelligence – Live and express your thoughts in a genuine manner

Areas of Improvement

The areas of your life that may be in need of development would be:

    • Habits – Create a daily routine that has a sense of flow

    • Career – Find a career that you are truly passionate about. Pray and ask for passion that is the will of the Lords for your life. He will give you the power, guidance and strength to carry it out.

    • Money – Make sure you achieve your wealth without compromising your integrity, because the feeling behind the money is more important then the actual dollar.

    • Health – Take on physical and mental habits that will only empower you and not bring you down

    • Spirit - Raise your awareness level and live more consciously; Understand the stages of spiritual development. Be aware of your actions.

So what is personal development? Personal development is making changes in your everyday life and your overall attitude toward yourself and others. If you take the time to do these things, then you'll truly be amazed at how your life will change for the better and become easier to live.

Personal Development Plans.

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