What are strongholds?

Well, they are something we cannot see, hear, taste or feel. Well actually we can feel them because of their presence we are restricted. So the restriction is actually what we feel.

Do you ever feel restricted. Restricted in anything. Restricted in your mobility, or your thinking, or your eating, or even your breathing? Your health?

They are somewhat like a boa constrictor. The harder you try to correct the problem the worse it gets. Every breath you take the constrictor tightens.

That is exactly how Satan works. He is patient. He knows just when to constrict. Satan is really the stronghold. I used to think Satan was this creepy looking thing that probably wore a black cape and had a very gross looking face. (Isn’t it funny what TV can do) Anyway I thought he was the most horrible creature out there. Well pretty much he is. He has this team of horrible creatures that lurk around him and can lurk around you. They disguise themselves as strongholds. They of course are a part of the spiritual world and for the most part we can’t see them. Some people of course have the ability to see these things just as they can see angels. That’s another topic.. the” Seer anointing.” But, thanks to those who can see and can hear more clearly from God we are able to learn about these strongholds. God wants us to be aware of them so we can get rid of them. Strongholds show up in our emotions and actions. Most of it takes place in our mind before we even have a chance. If it is a good thought it came from God, if it is a bad thought it came from Satan.

Galations 5:22-23 But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

Think about what you think about. Don't give the strongholds a chance. Do the right thing.

This passage in the bible tells us that if we want to get rid of these strongholds we need to: Submit ourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee. James 4:7 (KJV)

How do we do this?

1. Submit yourself to God. Give your life to him. Seek ye first the Kingdom. Seek him First. Learn to have that intimate relationship with him. He is your friend, and is with you at all times. Give it a try, he’s waiting.

2. You will need to read the bible. The bible starts to make more sense to you once you actually submit yourself to God. Once he realizes you actually really do want to learn more about him and his kingdom, Your heart will be changed. He will be in you and you will slowly start to notice changes. You will begin to understand the bible and the words. These words are all God breathed words. The Holy Spirit will begin to guide you even if you do not realize it. Just remember God is bigger than his book. It reveals the greatness of God but it does not contain HIM. So remember it takes both the bible and seeking him!

3. Learn to walk in the spirit. This is one the Lord himself will help you with once you have done the first two. You will soon learn to hear his voice. His voice may not always be the audible voice or it may. You can find him speaking to you in the most peculiar ways. Maybe through a book, or a magazine, the radio, a tv program, or even a billboard. You will know it is meant for you by how you feel. The Holy Spirit has a way of making you know like you know that you ARE TO KNOW whatever it is he is trying to get you to know. Once you learn that inner voice or inner feeling, your life begins to change. It’s your satellite system! He wants the best for you and if you follow his guidance with obedience you will be set free.

Resist the Devil (the strongholds) and they will FLEE!