The Stages of
Spiritual Development

Stages of Spiritual Development

The stages of spiritual development begin with a start-up seed. You need to see that it gets all it needs to grow and be a part of your everyday life. It is said that a healthy body is related to a healthy mind; your spirituality is a big part of that.

Spirituality can mean different things for each person. However the common thread is a sense of awareness that goes beyond average thinking. Spirituality means connecting with the soul.







What and where is your soul? It's that deep down feeling you have inside. You can't exactly pinpoint the spot. It's just there. Some people say it feels like it's your stomach. We say that because it seems to be in that area. Well it's really in your whole body. I believe our soul is a God given gift! It's our unseen navigation system. If you think of certain animals who navigate by instinct, that is what our Spirit can do for us. In other words it's walking in the Spirit, or Spirit led.

To understand this a little better these are a couple of great articles to read. Our designer had plans for us from the very beginning, and maybe even a little advice.

That's the beauty of spiritual development; tapping into the part of your mind and soul that's so deep and so driven that it can change your overall thinking, health and life. Spiritual development depends on faith. It can only grow if you believe or have faith.

If you are wondering about faith or how to get it, check out the book below. If you need a change in your life or want to learn more on developing your spirituality this book can guide you.

Is Faith really important?

Faith can be found in our thoughts, words, heart and soul. Spiritual development is really talking about our faith. It is something that can help us in times of trouble, it's an anchor in times of stress, fear and uncertainty. Without faith, you never have a place to turn when things get rough. You dig deeper and deeper and the mind just gets you in trouble. Faith can bring you out of the deepest pit.Faith can teach you about abundance and prosperity. We have been given directions on how to change our thoughts and beliefs with faith.

There are 102 pages in the book and approximately 80 pages that will explain what faith is and how you can use it every day of your life. Life was made to be good. We are to be happy and enjoy every part of it. We were given steps on what we can do to have that joy in each of our lives.

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Six Keys of Spirituality

There are many self help resources available for those who would like to undergo spiritual development:

    Control of thoughts – Be the master of your thoughts. Thoughts come flooding in every moment of our life, so it's important to hold onto one thought and block out all the others that can disturb the mind and soul. Learn to keep your focus on the good. Even when the good doesn't seem to be happening. Focus on something good. Look around you can always find something. The more you focus on good, the more good you will get. Try it and you will see! Stay focused.

    Control of our actions – Don't let outside factors, such as work and situations, dictate your actions. Think about the ramifications of your actions before you act upon them. Slow down, remember your goal is to control your thoughts and then your actions. Is what your about to do for the good of all?

    Composure – Instead of jumping between joy and sorrow, you need to become even tempered. Take each situation for what it is and face it with an open mind. Who is in control? Does it really matter? You have a choice in every situation. You have a choice to be happy or sad every moment. Learn to say whatever more often. The happier you are, the more happiness you will get. Let your joy rub off on other people. It can be contagious. Think about it. Does it really matter?

    Understanding – Try to find the good and the beauty in every ugly situation or person; physical and emotional. You can find something good in everything. Yes everything. There has to be good in everything as there is a reason for everything. So when things don't seem to be going as you think they should just remember and have faith that our creator knew the end from the beginning. We may not always understand the situation but we can be reassured something good will come of it. If you miss a turn on your way to work, or have a flat tire and it makes you late. You can rest assured it happened for a reason. Maybe you avoided an accident that you didn't hear about until you got to work. So, just understand the ugly always has another side, and it is good! Now, when the ugly seems to be happening you can just say.. well, I guess things are about to get better.Have faith and stay focused on the good!

    Openness – Most people judge all situations by what they know. You need to approach each situation without judgment, listen to all parties, and be open to learn from it. Practice your listening skills. Is it possible they are right and you are wrong?

    Inner Harmony – What you achieve when you are able to master the previous five steps. Learn to just be happy and let go of things. Learn to develop your spirituality. Let your navigation system work for you. It's awesome that we were set up with a system that can guide us. We were given free will to make choices in life, but there is this little something we can feel trying to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Once you learn to start using this guide, aaah your life will begin to go smooth.

Individual Spirituality

The stages of spiritual development are different for each person, mainly because some master certain steps early in their lives and now want to take their understanding to new levels, while others need to start at the beginning. We all have our own journey, we just need to begin.

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