Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are an important step in personal development. You can come up with your own or just use the ones we have here. It’s best to make the words, "Your Words". Remember what you say and hear are important for your sub-conscious mind. Repeating these affirmations for at least 30 days will begin to make them a habit. Your mind will start to actually believe what you are saying!

In my article on personal development advice, I talk about how your positive affirmations through thoughts and words will send chemicals throughout your body. Your thoughts will also attach an emotion to them. It is important that when you say these affirmations you are thinking about what you are saying and just as important feeling what you are saying. By repeating these positive affirmations you will begin to replace the negative areas in your brain that was probably making you do just the opposite of whatever your affirmation is.

I also mention reading "Who Switched off my Brain" to understand in more detail how our brain actually works and why it is so important to take our thoughts into captivity. If you would like a step by step process that is based on biblical principle, I suggest reading Kay Haugen's "From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse" I have actually talked with Kay and her story alone will convince you to begin today on changing your life. This is the book that started me to believe in using affirmations.

After reading Kay's book, I started my affirmations and was shocked at the things that started to happen to me. You will be amazed at the things and people that just show up. They are showing up as you are attracting them.

Anyway, another huge part of saying positive affirmations comes from your belief system. You have to believe or have the faith that the things you are saying can actually come true. You need to visualize, believe and feel these things.

Ok so let’s begin,

Remember your positive affirmations can be in any part of your life so these are just a few examples to get you started. Print these out or just write your own on a couple of note cards. Say them often each day never skipping a day. Thoughts stay in your short term memory for approximately 24-36 hours before turning them into a long term memory. If you are saying them daily and often, they will be put into your long term memory. That’s where you want them if you want things to start working.

It takes 21-30 days to make a habit. A habit is what you want. Now your brain begins to believe this is what you want and it seems to look around and say.. ok now we need to get this. Trust me it knows how to get it. We may not.. but our brain does! Keep your eyes open and start looking for things to appear. You must have faith that it will.

Positive Affirmations

I am now healthy and fit.

I now weigh ____

I am now able to reach the information I need to succeed in all I do.

I am now able to remain calm in all situations.

I am now daily full of joy and happiness.

I am now focused and clear on my path in life.

I now have the job of my dreams.

I now look for blessings in everything I do.

I now have friends that enjoy the same things as I.

I now am blessed with prosperity.

I am happy every day in every way.

I now only think and say positive thoughts.

I now am in control of my thoughts.

I now do what it takes to create the life I want.

I am now able to be all that I can be.

I now have an annual income of ______

I now pay cash for everything I buy.

I now support others in successful ways.

I am financially blessed.

I now am able to bless others.

I am now focused and clear.

I am now open to the wisdom of God.

I am now ready for my new path.

I now invest my money very wisely

I now make good returns on my investments

I now am able to help my child fulfill their dreams.

I now learn easily.

I now easily accept things as they are.

I lose weight quickly and effortlessly.

These are just a few positive affirmations to get your started. I suggest you make your own positive choices for affirmations that fit your life.

Good Luck!

Suggested reading:

Dr. Caroline Leaf "Who Switched off my Brain"

Kay Haugen "From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse"

Jack Canfield "The Success Principles"

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