Personal Development Plans

How in the world can we figure out personal development plans when we don’t have a clue where to start?

Well, you along with most people truly need a sound plan AND a good place to start. I am here to tell you, there is help and there is a plan. This plan has been around for a long time, just most of us were never aware of it.

It’s rather funny as most of us just go through life not thinking of what we are actually doing. Day in and day out, just going through our routine with really no personal development plan or plan of any sort at all.

Did you know that if we would just give a little "thought" to what we were doing or thinking we could greatly increase our productivity and even our health.

Got you confused there? Well, let’s just take a look at our thoughts.

Our thoughts are a very important part in any of our personal development plans. Our creator is so much bigger than we can even imagine. We don’t have a clue how capable we are of doing things. He knew the end from the beginning so don't you think that there must be some sort of personal plan for us?? I don't think we are suppose to be clueless. He even wrote this plan for us in his book the bible.

All we need is to have a little faith in what the book says. Funny how we forget to look there for answers to our life's big questions. The steps for personal development plans come from the big plan in this book!

We use such a short amount of our brain that it’s pretty sad. We really don’t have to work harder, we just need to let our brains work for us..

So you thought that is what you were doing right? Well we sort of are. But, it goes way beyond what we are already doing. If you read my article on Personal Development Advice you will notice I talk about how important our thoughts and words are.

I have been researching information on how to make our thoughts and words work for us. Yes, you still have to do some of the work, but there are ways to have the work be less! Work can actually be fun by following certain principles. Be sure to read my page on Affirmations Things will start to flow to you not against you.

Kay Haugen from the book "From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse" has an incredible story on how her life changed in just 90 days, by just changing the way she thought and the words she spoke. Some of the bigger things started to happen in just 2-3 days. She healed herself from cancer and lost a large amount of weight to mention a few. All her principles came from the bible.

These things can happen for everyone, if you truly follow the personal development plans and affirmations. Sometimes understanding how the brain works will help you believe that this system will actually work. Remember who designed the brain. Another favorite book is by Dr. Caroline Leaf, "Who Switched off my Brain." and another book "A Guide to Faith." You can do nothing without faith. Yes, that came from the original book with the big plan, the bible. This is an e-book you can download now.

In order for these personal development plans to work you must have faith or you are back to zero. You must believe they can happen or they just won’t. Your faith is truly the most important factor. You have to learn how to believe without one single doubt that the things you are saying will happen. You can not allow one negative thought that is against what you are saying.

Ok so what are those specific personal devlopment plans? and what do I have to do?

No hammer is needed, no hospital stay or no vacation on some sunny beach. But, hey, the sunny beach would work for me!

Personal Development Plans

1. It’s really all about making simple changes. Start thinking about what you think about. Learn to focus. Learn to capture your thoughts. We have so many thoughts running through our head that you think there is no way. Well there will be no way if you don’t start. So, most importantly start. If something bad happens, don’t freak out and start thinking of all the other bad things that will happen because of the one bad thing that happened. Don’t try to figure out the outcome, as YOU CAN NOT! Take a breath, relax, and capture your thought. Say to your thought no, all is well and I do not accept this bad thought. refer to my personal development advice to why you do not want to keep a negative thought. Release the thought and tell it, you will not accept it. Yep you may have to start talking to yourself. Do not move in fear. Fear is a very toxic thought that does a lot of damage to your health. So do not go there! Sometimes fear cannot be helped, but do not stay there. Read Dr. Leaf's book.

2. Words are extremely important. Chose them wisely. Only say the positive ones. Begin your positive affirmations.

3. You must have a belief system. Miracles or changes can only happen to the degree that you believe they can happen. You need to increase your faith. You need to understand that we were designed by a higher power and we were designed with a system that is run on faith. You want a miracle, than you better believe you can have one. If you want to believe you can improve with personal development and plans, you must have faith.

4. Give up excuses and take 100% responsibility for your life. Do not blame others for the way things are with you. Don’t wait for them to change.. You can change. Remember your past is your past, let it go.

5. Learn to forgive everyone. Forgiveness is a huge part. If you don’t forgive it takes a hold in your brain and can be a part of the reasons for many illnesses. That includes forgiving yourself. Dr. Leaf explains that.

6. Ok, more ways to personally develop your plans. Prepare for your new self! Declutter your life and your home. Literally. Think about the things you do and what you can do to simplify your life. Stop doing the unnecessary. What things are bothering you in your home? Is there a closet that needs to be cleaned. Not that a clean closet is important but the fact that it is in the back of your mind haunting you does! Make a list of the things that you are procrastinating about and get to them. Free your mind. First decide how important is it to have this “thing” done? Are you stressing over things that you do not need to? Learn to breathe. Life will go on it you do not get everything done. Stop stressing!!!

7. Listen to your heart. No, not is it pumping? But, listen to what it is trying to tell you. Believe it or not, it try’s to tell you things. In the bible God tells us the most important thing is love. Think about that feeling. The feeling of love. You know how you feel that. Well your heart try’s to tell you other things too. Your emotions speak to you. Listen. The brain and the heart work together. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7 What thoughts and emotions are you sending your body?

8. I love this step. It’s important to be with people. Give love and be loved. With that comes the importance of touch. I don’t mean you have to go out and touch everyone you see but it’s important to feel love too. Think how good you and your body feel when you get a massage. Or how good it feels to have a hug from a loved one. Did you know hugs are called Holy Kisses? So how important do you actually think the touch is?

Are you thinking these personal development plans seem pretty simple.. but... you must do them. It's easy to read them, but now you actually need to do them. When you do you will see many changes begin.

There are actually other steps that could go along with your personal development plans but to get you off to a good start, begin with these.

So, Stay positive, Watch the Words you Speak, and Start to Love and be Compassionate to others.

A few books that I suggest are written by Kay Haugen, "From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse" and Dr.Caroline Leaf, "Who Switched Off my Brain?" The information you get from these two authors will change your life!

I have a write up on each of these authors under Books on this site.

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