Personal Development Advice

Just a little personal development advice:

Once we understand some basic information, we are able to make some changes in our life that can change us forever. Maybe this information is a little deeper than basic but just understanding a little of it will make you step back and just say WOW!

In order for any type of personal development advice to actually be relevant, we need a deeper understanding of how our brain works. Of course we don’t have to know every detail but just learning some of the facts will jolt you into making the changes you actually need.

Probably the most important personal development advice is... letting you know that our thoughts are actually more important than you could ever imagine. So are you thinking... OH whoopie, Big Deal! Well, just read on. Every thought has a corresponding electrochemical reaction in your brain. It’s pretty amazing to think that chemicals will course through your body sending feed back to the brain just from a simple thought- that’s just ONE thought.

We have at any one time about 400 billion actions going on in our brain? (it’s no wonder we get tired!). These actions send chemical and electrical signals that start our emotions. So every thought has an emotion attached to it. EVERY THOUGHT. No matter what the thought is.

Believe it or not, your thoughts are important. If you think of or say something negative it is like sending a toxic chemical through your body. Positive thoughts or comments, send beneficial toxins into the body. Every thought is sorted through the brain and the BODY.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, says in her book "Who switched off my Brain?", that 87% of our emotions can be attributed to our thought life, and approximately 13% to diet, genetics and environment. These emotions can cause all kinds of havoc in our life. Things such as migraines, cancer, allergies, hypertension, infections and many others. So, just think if you allow stressful times, (thoughts) to bog you down, look what you are actually doing to yourself.

Probably the most important personal development advice I can give that should catch your attention, is, however you accept a thought, good, or bad it will end up in your memory. So when you think of a bad thought, something that has already happened once, that spot in your brain is signaled and those same toxins start in again. Maybe someone has told you how bad you look in the color red. Well you heard that, took that thought in and it settled into your memory. If you chose to keep it and let your mind believe it, it’s kept there. Now every time you see something red, your body and mind tell you No! You can’t wear red! Or maybe a teacher told you, you would never be good at English.. Well, there goes that negative thought attached to an emotion and it’s kept in your memory. Now each time English comes up you cringe, you do not have the belief you can do it. Not only that but here come those toxins flowing through your body. Or how about when you pay your bills? How are you feeling then, good or bad? So you don't have much money left.. What type of feeling is that? You may have to force the positive even when the negative wants to get back at you! You may have to speak wealth even when the numbers are telling you something different.

Trust me, I am simplifying how this works big time. For more detailed information you might want to read Dr. Caroline Leaf's book. You can also Start some simple positive affirmations that will kick start your brain into being more positive. You may want to also read the personal development plans on this site. There are ways of changing the thought patterns that we have and the good news is we can also learn how to cancel out our negative thoughts and rebuild good memories that can be recalled! Again, books have been written on this subject Dr. Caroline Leaf gives one of the best simple explanations.

When giving any personal development advice, it is a must to understand and think about what we are thinking and saying. It is KEY to understand our brain. It is KEY to be positive. It is KEY to take our thoughts into captivity. Do not let anyone ever tell you, you cannot do something.

Be sure to read my article on personal development plans. There are ways you can make changes, even if you have those negative memories.