Fresh Water from the Lord. This is the beginning of a new page on Seeds Of Prosperity. The Lord gave me a vision of an elephants trunk and I heard, "Fresh Water". He then told me it would be a page on my site. His Fresh Word. So as he gives I will give.

May 7, 2012

"There are no or's" "There is no either or, it's both AND more"

I love how the Lord gives me the words and then I hear it again with an affirmation through someone else. This time it was Heidi Baker.

I will let you ask the Lord for more on this while I work on the rest of the words for this page. See You Soon!

Remember the Lord still talks. Are you listening?

June 6, 2012 "SHAMBALA".

I asked the Lord for a word today after I had told him, "Let me be someone who represents Joy". Here is what he had to say: After I heard the word he downloaded the song more

June 16, 2012 Heaven On Earth

As I woke up I heard "Oooh Baby Do you know what thats worth We'll make Heaven a place on Earth..." read more

Lots more coming!!

FEBRUARY 11, 2014. Well almost 2 years have gone by without me adding to this page.. My journal never quit. Things got wild. God can and will do that! I am anxious to add to Fresh Water. God never stops. He has put me in Market Place Ministry. (Be careful what you ask for.) Haa...

Can't wait to share more of what God is doing! Get ready people.. He's on the move!~ It's so exciting I can hardly take it! We have been waiting for such a time as this! I'll be writing soon.