Your thoughts and words are energy. Remember how the world was created? God spoke things into being.

Every person, plant, animal, rock, tree, every physical thing sends out energy. Every-thing is like a transmitter. It’s hard to imagine but we are sending it off right now in every direction.. It moves outward in wave patterns. It can and will leave you, go through walls, over hills and mountains, to the moon and go on forever. It never stops.

Now think about the thoughts you have and the emotions that are tied to each thought. Each thought colors this energy. When you think of someone, if that person is sensitive, they can feel it. Every word you’ve ever spoken shapes it. Everything you’ve ever done affects it. The rate of speed, the vibration, the wavelength, the frequency shifts and will change constantly with your thoughts, emotions, moods, words, and even actions.

Remember the saying "Sending off good vibes?" Hmmm… You actually do. Good or bad. Or how about, have you ever walked into a room where "the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife"?

If two of you are standing next to each other that energy field is even stronger. Now try touching and the energy goes even higher. The combined energy field within any given parameter is a powerful vibe. It will affect and create physical objects and events.

How about this. "Wherever two or more are gathered in My name" So who is there when two or more are gathered? God is spirit and energy.. Well, now think how much more powerful it is when we pray with two or more? It can be doubled or tripled or multiplied by however many. You are sending out a request and it is multiplied. I am thinking there is a much better chance of getting that prayer answered!

So what does energy have to do with Abundance and Prosperity?

Well, if your thoughts and words are energy. Wouldn’t it make sense that if you repeated your prosperity affirmations... or whatever it is that you are asking multiple times, the chance of it actually happening would greatly increase. You ask with your words, you believe with your faith, and you receive whatever you ask for. It’s as if your words (energy) seek out of the energy that is OUT there. We can’t see it, we just have to believe it is out there, just waiting to be attracted to you.

Like thoughts attract like thoughts. When enough of these similar thoughts have come together (out there), there vibrations become heavier. Like energies (thoughts) attract to each other. This is called the law of attraction. Like attracts Like. Thoughts will create a physical form. When many people think the same thing… there is a really good chance their thoughts will become reality.

Remember this also works not only for the good thoughts but for bad thoughts, such as fear or lack. So remember if you are trying to get closer to wealth, abundance, or prosperity, keep your words, thoughts, and energy on just those things. Even if your natural eye is seeing something different. You will attract what you think about

This is how I use my energy..... Solo Build It!

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