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Here are a few books I recommend that will help you on your road to personal development. This page is set up for a quick reference to some books that I found to be of great worth. The list includes things on personal development or self development. All of them give incredible wisdom and will really open your eyes and mind to how we are created. They will also give you some simple things we can do with our mind and our words to make unbelievable changes in our life.




Author Joe Vitale on the Law of Attraction

Books by Todd Bentley: An Evangelist well worth hearing or reading. I spent a week in Lakeland Florida where thousands of people from all over the world came to listen. Awesome.

Books by Rick Joyner: Rick is an amazing prophet and has incredible insight on the future.

WM Paul Young: "The Shack" The story behind the book is just as impressive if not more than the story in the book. I have listened to WM Paul Young tell about how his book came about. Let's just say WOW!

Dr. Caroline Leaf "Who Switched off my Brain"

Once you read this it is so much easier to improve your thought process and begin to understand that the words and thoughts that we use control most of everything that happens to us! Dr. Leaf has researched the human brain with particular emphasis on unlocking its vast untapped potential. She shows how to link the scientific principles of the brain to emotional and intellectual issues in a simple and practical way. Her passion is to free people from their mental constraints and help them recognize their gift within.

Highly recommended

Kay Haugen's "From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse"

If your desire is for prosperity, wealth, or just plain happiness this is a must read! Kay Haugen writes from her own true experiences and has trained and worked with many to accomplish the same things. Her title to this book tells it all. Kay tells you that you don't have to wait any longer for the positive changes you want to achieve in your finances, career, weight, health and relationships; they can happen right now, easily and effortlessly with quantum leap expediency. She tells how she found all the steps and answers in the bible. After reading this, and actually doing the actions that are required, it made me a true believer in the process. I have also been lucky enough to have talked with Kay and heard personally about her journey. Truly amazing.

The dvd titled "The Secret"

The movie "The Secret" has been a little controversial. I personally enjoyed it. Just being controversial made me want to see it even more. Some people told me to be careful and not watch it, or be careful "they are not giving credit to God." Well watch it and when they say the universe.. replace it with God. It's actually very interesting and it explains the law of attraction very well. Obviously it works so well that the lives of the people on the DVD have had incredible things happen to them. If you are familiar with the bible...the teachings are there. The words law of attraction may not be used in the bible but the explanation is there. Definitely worth the time to watch. Then put the principles into action. You will see the change too.

Hardcover "The Secret"

"Working with the Law"

Raymond Holliwell tells us by using this law on a spiritural and mental level, He found that a specific thought could create a desired reaction in his personal and professional life through continual and deicated practice.

"God Wants you to be Rich" by Paul Zane Pilzer.

The author helps us to shift our thinking from scarcity in resources to one of a cornucopia of economic abundance and richness.

"The New Economic Disorder"

The author Larry Bates is an economist and understands the serious problems we face. In this book he reveals five powerful, dangerous, and unstoppable forces that are causing this disorder. With clarity and confidence, he turns to the bible to help us understand.

"Get out of that Pit"

Beth Moore explains what happens when we invite God's power into our pain.

"Think and Grow Rich"

Most books of this type are based off of this book. Simply a must read. Original Version. Author Napolean Hill.

"How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast",

Sandy Forster uses sprititual tools and practical ideas for increasing money flow now!

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