Biblical Prosperity

Those of you who are seeking wisdom about biblical prosperity, love, happiness, fortune and success, need to understand that it is not something you just stumble across.. YOU cannot buy it nor borrow it from another. No one can give it to you; you must create it within yourself.

Learning about biblical prosperity starts with your desires and ideas. They are like seeds you plant in the soil. In our case it would be the soil of our mind. You are planting thoughts into your mind. After planting those seeds (your thoughts) you need to cultivate them. It works like a farmer. You will now nurture them, and guard them, and fertilize them until it is time for harvest. Just like a farmer, you will reap what you have sown. Think of the farmer who cleans his field and fertilizes, it is the same with your mind. If you do those things you will enjoy the best returns!

We have the equipment for prosperity without ever going out and buying it! Biblical prosperity, We are so fortunate that our creator designed us with exactly what we need. Yes, it's truly biblical. We were gifted with the power to create the things we want. We have the capacity to think, thus we are able to create. We create with out thoughts.. our desires and ideas. It's pretty much the law of creation we find in the bible.

Now go one step further. We have an amazing mind and have the capability to think some amazing thoughts. If you work closly with the Holy Spirit, he will give you very good positive ideas. If you work with those ideas that the Lord has given you, you can proceed to do his will. How much better do you think his ideas are than your own? How much better do you think you can do if he is leading you. Learning to take his hand and letting him lead is so powerful. You work with the creator of the universe to create the perfect will he has planned for you. The possibilies are endless because he is limitless. We are the ones who set our own limits. To achieve biblical prosperity we need to take all limits off!

One little inside note. If you decide this is what you want to do, You will need a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. You will need to talk to him all day long and trust that he is leading you. You may also have to go down before you go up.. Remember he has the perfect plan for you. You may have to do things that just don't seem right in the "worldly view". I don't mean stealing, or doing things that go against God's word. I mean he may have you go to a bank that you wouldn't usually go to, or work for someone you usually wouldn't work for doing a job that you had no plans to do. I am finding things are done differently in the kingdom than the way they are done in the world. It is not possible for us to think the way God thinks, but I can tell you his thoughts are much higher and better than our own. He also knows what is up ahead so he can lead you in the direction to go.

Long story short... GET to KNOW the Holy Spirit. It is not possible to move forward and be successful without him leading the way! How do you do that? ASK. Give your life to the Lord and ask for the Holy Spirit who is your counselor and teacher. You can do it right in your home or wherever you are.

Ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and thank him for being your savior. Ask him to forgive all your sins. Ask for the Holy Spirit. He will be glad you are talking to him. Your faith will grow because you planted the seed. Your prosperity will grow because you planted the seed. Now nuture that seed. Continue to talk to the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. You will build a relationship. You may not hear right away, but you will in time. Allow him to work on your life and be willing to be satisfied with what you have. Trust that he heard you and trust that he is going to take care of you. Find a bible, and pray for direction on a church to go to. When you are in the right place, You will know. Remember it takes time. Just as it takes time for a seed to grow.

Prosperity works the same way. Write down what you want, use affirmations to nurture and cultivate. You can do this to help convince yourself that yes, you do want this thing whatever it is. There are many prosperity scriptures in the bible. Read them to build your faith. Without faith you will be struggling with even the small steps that it takes. Affirmations need to be mixed with faith.

Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”

You need to have the faith that there is a God who designed you to have the good things in life. You were designed to create the desires of your heart. If you believe and do not doubt, that means you must have faith unwavering that you will have what it is you are asking for.. You will have it! Now just think about that for awhile. If you are doubting right now that this is not true, you are right. It is not true. But, if you have faith right now that just maybe this is right??? Think of the possibilities! Mathew 17:20 talks about having the faith of a mustard seed and that seed is very little, you will be able to do anything! God gives us the opportunity with just a tiny bit of faith. take the time to learn how to build your faith.

Mark 9:23 “If you can?” said Jesus, “Everything is possible for him who believes”

Biblical prosperity? It's the law. We were designed to prosper. Our creator also designed us to decide for ourselves what we want? We have free will. So WIll you decide to prosper? Make the decision, it's the first step and will start everything into motion. As it is written, biblical prosperity!