Prosperity Affirmations

Prosperity Affirmations will help you face your finances? Having financial freedom, wealth, prosperity and abundance are all very possible when you use these simple affirmations.

Be sure you begin by reading the page on Affirmations. It's very helpful to go over the steps I have listed before you begin.

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Ideas to get you started

These are just a few prosperity affirmations you can begin with. Change the wording to fit your style. Print these out or write them on a note card. Make several sets if you like and keep them in your car, your house or any place that you think you might remember to say them. The more you say them the more quickly they will enter your subconscious mind. Remember you must believe and feel what you are saying. Be sure to at least do these in the morning, and before you go to bed. Your mind still works while you sleep~ Put yourself to sleep by repeating your prosperity affirmations.

Saying these affirmations and having a good understanding of faith will make your time and effort all worth it.

I now have the complete financial freedom to do, be and have anything I desire.

I now become more and more prosperous day by day.

I now make a fortune doing what I love.

Prosperity comes easily and freely.

I now give and receive more freely.

I now attract prosperity effortlessly.

I am now a powerful prosperity magnet.

I have a continuous abundance of prosperity flowing to me always.

I am now permanently free of debt and any type of money problem.

I am now able to give ($ ) a week/month to those less fortunate.

My finances are divinely blessed.

I am now in control of my finances.

I now attract incredible opportunities to increase my wealth and my life.

I now have financial freedom without a care in the world!

I thank God for my financial securities that come through the Lord.

I now am able to invest wisely.

I now get divine wisdom on financial matters.

I not only receive money, but I also now give money.

I now attract prosperity easily.

I use my prosperity to further God's Kingdom.

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